Plus de 41 mn de show (33 clips) - Taille : 320 MB
Vue d'ensemble de son SHOW COMPLET

Achetez son SHOW COMPLET et profitez de 41 minutes de show. Elle danse et déshabille sur votre bureau tout comme vous pourriez le voir dans un strip-bar.
Ce show contient de la nudité et des clips sexuellement explicites.
Ceci est une vue d'ensemble du show qu'elle fera sur votre bureau si vous achetez sa carte.

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Commentaires des membres
par platinum sclubvet - 2010/01/23 04:39


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par vip PATDECONFLANS - 2010/01/14 13:50

Un beau physique un show agréable a regarder et de toutes les Françaises VG c'est la plus explicite 9/10 dommage que les autres ne soient pas comme elle .

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par platinum 5marta55 - 2009/12/04 07:50

Wow! What a teaser! Fantastic, explicit girl.

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par platinum AJBB957 - 2009/11/11 16:46

Un physique agréable, un show bien fait, peut être pas la plus jolie, mais de la bonne ouvrage, laissez vous bercer par la douce Alizee.

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par platinum rolfk - 2009/10/09 19:18

Zugegeben, ich bin ein großer Fan von Alizee, aber hier scheint sie sehr genervt zu sein, ...
sehr schade ...

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par vip DPMaker - 2009/09/11 16:23

She dances her heart out for you! 10

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par platinum Tomgirard - 2009/07/31 07:15

So damned excited to see another show,I spelled her wrong!All ALIZEE all the time

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par platinum Tomgirard - 2009/07/31 07:09

By far the sexiest woman here...or any where else for that matter!All Alizza,all the time!Wow.

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par bronze wayneeze - 2009/07/17 16:24

shes very sweeet..i luv the way she swings her backside..keep up baby

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par vip JRock29 - 2009/07/17 01:33

This show has has some of the best explicite play! I highly recommend for all you explicite lovers! Alizee looks very sexy bin this outfit. Great moves, beautiful body, and did I mention the explicite play? Very good show.

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par silver magicmind2027 - 2009/07/15 04:47

Unlike some of my other posts I am going to go ahead a list the score at the beginning. I give Alizee a solid eight. Its the lowest score I have given any model so far, but for a good reason. The point of strip tease is to TEASE. Alizee is not that great of a dancer and only seemed concerned with removing her costume as quickly as possible. For a 41 minute show there is very little actual stripping. Not that I will complain too much, Alizee has an amazing body and I will not fault her for revealing it as quickly as she wants too :). But, I still give her an 8/10 for lack of showmanship. It is, however, still an 8 because her shows are MUCH more explicit than many of the other models on VG that I have seen. She gives true meaning to the word as she spreads her lips and fingers herself repeatedly on every explicit show that I watched. If she learned how to actually tease she could be a definite 10. Still worth the ticket to watch.

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par platinum sclubvet - 2009/07/13 01:24

Model Student? Insanity..She be the teacher and I have a barrel full of apples just for her...

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